Motherhood and Loneliness

You would think that after becoming a mother, adding another person to your family who is apparently going to be THE best thing since sliced bread; and having that person with you 24 hours a day in most cases, that you couldn’t POSSIBLY be lonely! I find it bizarre that in all the information, antenatal … Continue reading Motherhood and Loneliness


Thank you!

It would seem that as baby 'J' is approaching 1-year-old, things are starting to calm down a bit. He now only wakes up once at night (as opposed to 4 times) and last night he slept from 8pm to 4am, had a bottle and then went back to sleep until 7am. It would've been the … Continue reading Thank you!

Madeleine McCann – Should the search continue?

I feel like the search for Madeleine McCann has been going on since I can remember. Sometimes I’d read the updates or watch the news and think… “wow, they are going IN. They are definitely going to find her.” Then a couple of years later there would be another update, another speculation about the circumstances … Continue reading Madeleine McCann – Should the search continue?

F*cking advent calendars!

This year I thought I would steer away from the usual chocolate advent calendar and get my kids something a bit more exciting. So... for 'baby J' I ordered the Vtech toot toot advent calendar and for 'A' I order the play mobile advent calendar. I think they look pretty awesome!     My logic … Continue reading F*cking advent calendars!

A blogging mess!

I haven’t got a bloody clue what’s going on! My brain is full of ideas, intentions and goals all racing around in there and smashing into each other. For some reason, my brain is on over drive but my body just says “F*** that”. It’s like the two are not connected. Yesterday I planned that … Continue reading A blogging mess!

Daddy Take Over! #1: Daddy VS Daughter

Welcome to… Daddy Take Over! A brand new monthly series where Mr iMummy (or shall we call him iDaddy?) takes over the blog and shares whatever he likes! (gulp) TBH I think he’s pretty damn funny! Without further ado, let's kick off the series with... #1: Daddy VS Daughter I remember having a conversation with a mate, … Continue reading Daddy Take Over! #1: Daddy VS Daughter

Happy Birthday Soul-Sister!

Some people call it a best friend. But that term isn’t fitting for this woman. It isn’t good enough. I met my soul-sister about 14 years ago, since then we’ve shared countless bottles of wine, a particular bottle of rum, some things I won’t mention, some AMAZING holidays, our deepest secrets, our struggles and joys … Continue reading Happy Birthday Soul-Sister!

Now you are 3!

Hey little princess, now you are 3! I thought we’d spend the day together, but you wanted to go to nursery. I thought it’d be like 12 years before you made your own birthday plans, I guess I was wrong. “Don’t you want to stay home with mummy and daddy today?” “No, I want to … Continue reading Now you are 3!

People would hate me if I acted like you!

Kids say and do some funny, crazy sh*t. But it’s only funny because they are kids right? Because if I were to do as my daughter does (she’s almost 3), I’m pretty sure I’d find my self in trouble or very alone. I mean would you even talk to me let alone be my friend … Continue reading People would hate me if I acted like you!

3 Things to get you through the festivities, positively and calmly.

The end of the year is fast approaching, it can be a busy and stressful for many people. Perhaps you have certain goals or projects that were supposed to be completed this year? And even if you're not trying to think about Christmas yet, everywhere you look there are reminders! If you are anxious because … Continue reading 3 Things to get you through the festivities, positively and calmly.